OptoGait Running Analysis

OptoGait Running Analysis

The Spear Running Analysis program at our Chelsea location is a biomechanical assessment by a Physical Therapist using the OptoGait. The OptoGait is a digital video analysis program that allows us to measure your cadence, flight time, contact time, left and right leg asymmetries, and stride length while running. We currently only offer a running analysis with the OptoGait at our Chelsea – 16th St location.

This data- combined with a functional movement assessment- picks up any abnormalities in gait and misalignment from your neck to your ankles that could lead to injuries. This allows us to create a personalized exercise program that will increase your running efficiency.

Who Can Benefit from a Running Analysis?

Running Analysis can benefit everyone from new runners to elite competitive runners looking to decrease their risk of a running-related injury. Real-time video biofeedback allows athletes at every level to view and correct their running motions, ensuring the utmost efficiency and symmetry.

OptoGait is currently used by all U.S. Olympic Training Centers, the U.S. Military at West Point, and professional sports teams throughout the U.S. and Europe to efficiently and effectively evaluate human performance.

How Does a Running Analysis Work?

The OptoGait system assesses spatiotemporal gait parameters with the use of a transmitting and a receiving bar. The bars, placed on either side of a treadmill, each contain 96 LEDs communicating on an infrared frequency with the same number of LEDs on the opposite bar. During the assessment, the system measures the symmetry of each step—how long it takes between steps, how long you land on one foot or the other—and picks up any abnormalities in gait and misalignment from your neck to your ankles that could lead to injuries.

How Much Does a Running Analysis Cost in NYC?

A Spear Running Analysis costs $250, and includes:

  • A complete Running Analysis
  • A printout of your OptoGait data
  • Customized exercise program created by a licensed Physical Therapist
  • Further recommendations for training

Want to Learn More?

Email runninganaylsis@spearcenter.com or visit our Chelsea – 16th St page to request a running analysis appointment with the OptoGait.


Therapists offering OptoGait Running Analysis
Leke Abiodun, PT, DPT
Leke Abiodun headshot
Leke Abiodun, PT, DPT
Amanda Kalan, PT, DPT, OCS
Amanda Kalan headshot
Amanda Kalan, PT, DPT, OCS
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