Midtown - W 44th St

Midtown - W 44th St
36 West 44th Street
Suite 403
New York, NY 10036
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Location Overview

Located in the beautiful Bar Building steps from the infectious energy of Bryant Park and Times Square, the Midtown W. 44th Street clinic attracts commuters, neighborhood residents and tourists from all over the globe to its urban oasis. A skilled and diverse team helps an equally diverse patient population get back to life. The original Wall of inSPEARation is located here, reminding patients that success is just around the corner.


This clinic is a carefully-accredited member of both the HSS and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Networks:

Mount Sinai and HSS logosSpear Physical Therapy is a participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network. Learn more about Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 hospital in the world in orthopedics.

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Facility Photos

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Midtown - W 44th St equipment
Enlarge image
Midtown - W 44th St equipment
Enlarge image
Midtown - W 44th St treatment tables
Enlarge image
Midtown - W 44th St treatment tables
Enlarge image
Spear Physical Therapy front desk
Spear front desk
Enlarge image
Spear physical therapy equipment
Spear physical therapy equipment
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Spear slogan on the wall
Spear slogan on the wall
Midtown - W 44th St Team
Donald Zerio, PT, DPT, TPI Level II
Donald Zerio headshot
Donald Zerio, PT, DPT, TPI Level II
Clinical Director
Benjamin Schwartz, PT, DPT
Benjamin Schwartz headshot
Benjamin Schwartz, PT, DPT
Assistant Director
Kyle Davis, PT, DPT
Kyle Davis headshot
Kyle Davis, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist / Clinical Education Coordinator
Shevvie Sialana, PT, DPT
Shevvie Sialana headshot
Shevvie Sialana, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Jesse Ramirez, PT, DPT
Jesse Ramirez headshot
Jesse Ramirez, PT, DPT
Physical therapist
Emily Loftus, PT, DPT
Emily Loftus headshot
Emily Loftus, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Kristin Fowler, PT, DPT
Kristin Fowler Headshot
Kristin Fowler, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Rutvi Shah, PT,MS
rutivi shah headshot
Rutvi Shah, PT,MS
Physical Therapist
Avaniben Patel, PT, DPT
Avani Headshot
Avaniben Patel, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Kranthi Reddy Nalla, PT, MS
Kranthi Nalla headshot
Kranthi Reddy Nalla, PT, MS
Physical Therapist
Charmi Salot, PT, MPT
charmi headshot
Charmi Salot, PT, MPT
Physical Therapist
Shruti Mishra, PT
Shruti Mishra Headshot
Shruti Mishra, PT
Physical Therapist
Maura Iacobucci, MS, OTR/L
Maura Iacobucci headshot
Maura Iacobucci, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, Director of Hand Therapy
Elias Fraija, MS, OTR/L
Elias Fraija headshot
Elias Fraija, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Ashley Rozek, PT, DPT, CSCS
Midtown NYC Physical Therapist Ashley Rozek
Ashley Rozek, PT, DPT, CSCS
Regional Director

Location reviews

jeremy augustitus New York, NY
Josh Kaufman was an outstanding therapist. At first I could not walk and now I can walk. My ACL feels much better than it did. A plus plus therapist. Hes a top…
Susan Katkowski New York, NY
I came to Spear five months ago with a pinched nerve in the neck along with a back issue. My physical therapist was Josh Kaufman. Josh is extremely professional…
Excellent staff and facilities. Therapist Tyler Nightingale had me back in shape and running less than three months post-surgery. Highly recommend.
Alison Curry Lederman New York, NY
I've had a great experience at Spear Physical Therapy. I began at Spear following a major leg surgery where I also lost all range of motion in my knee as a side…
Alicia Battistoni New York, NY
Luc was an incredible physical therapist who made me feel like I had a partner every step of the way. He was always careful and cautious with my health, but…
Danielle Sussingham New York, NY
Tyler Nightingale is the best! He got me back out and running faster than any other physical therapist I have seen. As an athlete himself he knew what to look…
Joe Tautges New York, NY
Wonderful facility, staff, and experience. My back pain was completely gone after 5 visits. David Block is terrific.
Gunel Mammadova New York, NY
Friendly therapists. My therapist Deanna was extremely helpfull and knowledgeable.
Jillian Liu New York, NY
I worked with Tyler Nightingale for 6 months after my ACL surgery. It was a tedious process, but Tyler and many other staff at SPEAR (honorary mention Deanna Marinucci)…
Marcy Cohen New York, NY
Joshua Kaufman is the best. I have gone to physical therapy before but never was the therapist as knowledgeable and concerned. He targeted my treatment to what…
Megan Lawrence New York, NY
UPDATE: When the main office was made aware of my issue from this post yesterday they immediately contacted me, apologized and resolved the issue. I picked up…
Mikenzie Ginsberg New York, NY
I loved going to Spear for my pre and post surgery rehab. I worked with Luc riche, who was a great physical therapist and got me from crutches to running in…
A G. New York, NY
My 5 star review is really a story about Deanna Marinucci, PT, DPT, CSCS. I have no idea what all those degrees mean, but they're working because Deanna knows…
Douglas Fechter New York, NY
I had an outstanding experience at Spear on 44th Street, thanks to my therapist Josh Kaufman. Josh is extremely knowledgeable, with high energy and very positive…
Sarah McCulley New York, NY
I had a great experience working with Tyler Nightingale to address a reoccurring running injury. Tyler was able to identify what was causing the overuse and…
Carl B. Queens, NY
Nicole Obenrader did such a good job on my knees that over a year later, they remain pain-free and stronger than ever. And that is despite my complete noncompliance…
Charlene Depusoir New York, NY
I love that my physical therapist is skilled and trained and dedicated to trying get back on my feet. She is hard core but she is great. Thank you Christen !!
Olivia Landau New York, NY
I came in for PT for the first time ever to treat my scoliosis. Tyler Nightingale was the best physical therapist I could have ever asked for. He immediately…
Brittany H. Manhattan, NY
My experience at Spear was very positive. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and they spent a lot of time helping me sort out my injury. The therapist I…
Michael Lee New York, New York
I've been here twice now - once for a shoulder injury and again for a spine condition.  Both times, the doctors recommended SPEAR specifically to help recover, and...
Clare Munzur New York, New York
I am glad I went there. If you go to this location, I recommend Deanne. Deanne is very personable and genuinely makes the overall experience a positive one (my…
S. K. New York, New York
Dr. Tyler Nightingale is truly THE BEST Physical Therapist I’ve had the pleasure of working with regarding my post surgery recovery. Not only has my range of...
Torie Kunz New York, New York
I have been working with Tyler Nightingale for about 5 months, for a knee and ankle injury. He is incredibly knowledgeable and informative in his diagnosis...
Mitchell C. New York, NY
I saw Steve Coppolecchia for lower back issues.  I was in agony and was back to playing basketball within 2 months.  Steve explained the purpose of every…
Kyle Bond New York, New York
I am a very active, former college athlete who has dealt with many injuries and ailments, and have had varying physical therapy experiences along the way. My...
Gina Planasg New York, New York
Battling with a Hip Flexor strain merely weeks before the NYC Marathon, I went to see Tyler and I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. He is very...
Peter Quinn New York, New York
I was hobbling around oh arthritic knees. My doctor recommended I go to Spear. My therapist was Nicole Obenrader. She was wonderfully patient, knowledgeable...
Gil C. NYC

It was like having a short-term family.

Linda S. Larchmont, NY
Nicole and Lucie are so knowledgeable and confident in their treatment of my severe knee pain. After living in pain for over two years, not being able to walk…
Angelissa P. NYC

I love it here. I wish I could come every day! SPEAR is a place where I am encouraged as I train and heal my body…

Maureen McCarthy NYC

Three great people at 44th street branch my therapist Steven and his two assistant maycee and meek. Professional , compassionate…

Steven T. NYC

The only negative opinion I have of SPEAR is that the 44th Street office is poorly laid…

Anthony S. New York, NY
Received excellent and attentive service at this location from Steven Coppolecchia. He genuinely cares about his patients, and takes the time to answer questions…
Toby S. NYC

My only complaint is since it’s been  a very hot summer, and since I seemed to make appts on some of the hottest days…

Joe P. Brooklyn, NY
Excellent facility, courteous staff, receptive environment. I had Jacob Weissman guide me through recovery of a recent slap tear surgery and had a great…
Nathaniel F. NYC

I just had my final appointment at SPEAR after a running injury. Four months ago, I literally couldn’t walk around my own apartment…

Sathesh B. Jersey City, NJ
Before visiting SPEAR I had been to 3 other physical therapists for my acl tear and I can easily say that SPEAR was by far the best. I have a background in…
Evan F. NYC

Had a great experience at Spear with both my therapist, Justin Farnsworth, and the staff. The front desk was super helpful…

Neal C.
Lauren Carlton is a fantastic physical therapist! I have seen her now in 2 different locations with Spear. The new TriBeCa location is conveniently...
Daniella Mangakis New York, NY
STEVE IS THE MAN. After suffering with a problem that was diagnosed incorrectly for nearly 6 years, Steve was able to correctly identify my issue, eliminate it…
Richard D. Manhattan, NY
Excellent facility.  Therapists are friendly, polite, accommodating and knowledgeable.  If you've gotta get physical therapy, I highly recommend Spear on 45th…
Steve T New York, NY
There's no better place in NYC for Physical Therapy than Spear 44th. Steve Coppolecchia and team are best in class - friendly, professional and a pleasure to…
Thomas R. Manhattan, NY
I had been dealing with a high hamstring partial tear which was, quite literally, a major pain in the butt.  It was a painful and nagging injury, and I was…
Aaron Wald New York, NY
I had an achilles and calf injury. Cristina was my PT and she got me back to 100%, I loved working with her! The staff was incredible, always friendly. Really…
Ryan U. NYC

I have been living with a torn labrum in my right shoulder for the past 8 years and had forgotten what it was like to move my arm…

Jack R. NYC

I started going to SPEAR after I had this constant and sharp pain in my back following a car accident…

Samantha R. Manhattan, NY
I did prehab and rehab here with Amelia over the span of about 6 months for a hip labral tear repair and pincer femoroacetabular osteochondroplasty that I had…
Kristy B. Astoria, NY
This is long overdue... After an arthroscopic knee procedure I was an absolute mess and am now far less so! Post-surgery I was walking with a cane; was incredibly…
Nick M. Brooklyn, NY
SPEAR is amazing. The staff are all amazingly helpful and informative. They really work hard to make sure I am doing the right form and exercising...
Margaret Mulhern New York, NY
Very good experience here! I saw Jacob for issues with my IT band. After about a month of PT 1-2x per week, I am starting to run again. The staff is very friendly…
Diane M. Manhattan, NY
What a difference with other physical therapy centers: I was assigned one therapist, Jake (Jacob) who followed me through the treatment (rotator cuff injury);…
Charlie W. Manhattan, NY
Tore my ACL and went to a PT location near my apt (UES) out of convenience. Went to my first post-op appt and asked my doctor if he could refer me to someone…
Ryan O. New York, NY
Where would I be without Spear?! At the behest of my doctor, I signed up for PT at Spear to heal hip and neck issues. I was highly skeptical at first about the…
Pixie B. Hoboken, NJ
I recently finished up a few weeks of PT at the 44th St. location and have to say the staff is awesome.  I worked mostly with Arielle but had other therapist…
Swati C. Manhattan, NY
Justin was excellent!  Incredibly friendly and down-to-earth and laid out a clear plan of action during our first visit.  He would regularly discuss my progress…
Karen H. Manhattan, NY
My daughter and I both had great experiences at SPEAR. She saw Phaeleau, a hand/wrist specialist, who was incredibly knowledgeable but also made her therapy…
Anita S. San Francisco, CA
Fabulous facility--the staff is friendly and helpful. Jeremy is terrific and he is helping me tremendously after my hip surgery. He knows how to push me enough…
David S. NYC

Kaitlyn Pados, from 44th St. office has done a terrific job! She provided a carefully planned progression of…

Darryl S. Bronx, NY
I have gone to 2 locations. Staff from the Directors, to therapist, to reception are all top notch and receptive. They will go out of their way to make certain…
Sandra Dunsmore New York, NY
I started PT at SPEAR after surgery for a complicated elbow fracture and it has been a very good experience! All of the staff - front desk, aides and therapists…
Cait U. Manhattan, NY
After experiencing severe hip and thigh pain last winter that was preventing me from working out (I'm an avid runner and biker), I was x-rayed and diagnosed with…
Gwendolyn Kelso New York, NY
My therapist, Steven, has been phenomenal. I've been to a number of PTs in my life, and hands down, Spear has been my best experience. I've been plagued with…
Courtney S. Williston Park, NY
I went to SPEAR for post-op physical therapy on my knee. My physical therapist Steve C, was amazing, and took the time to build a personal relationship with me…
Melanie Penn New York, NY
Started going here several months ago to deal with unrelenting pain in my arm and shoulder due largely to a compressed ulnar nerve. I was able to get an…
Colleen O. Manhattan, NY
Spears is amazing. I was training for the NYC marathon and hurt my ankle and then my knee. Without Justin, I would have never been able to successfully complete…
Sara Kriger New York, NY
I sustained a broken elbow, as a result of an accident. I had surgery, and Physical therapy was prescribed after that. After trying two other P.T. clinics in…
Daniel Hwang New York, NY
I had persisting knee and foot pain for months. I was recommended by my doctor to go see a physical therapist. I met Jason Ury who was my therapist for the next…
Alex Chitea New York, NY
I had an amazing experience with the therapists and the staff at SPEAR's 44th St. location in NYC. I was referred to SPEAR by Dr. Scott Rodeo from HSS prior to…
Courtney Schiela New York, NY
I went to SPEAR for post-op physical therapy on my knee. My physical therapist Steve C, was amazing, and took the time to build a personal relationship with me…
M H. New York, NY
I've been going here for over a month and have had excellent experiences thus far. I was very anxious about starting PT, but my therapist, Karen, made me...
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