Chelsea -16th St

Chelsea -16th St
269 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
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Location Overview

The Chelsea clinic is a modern, lofted space with a fishbowl window onto the street—a great way for people to see the impact the Chelsea team is having on the community. Here, an energetic group of physical therapists reflects the energy of this vibrant NYC neighborhood. Located close to many subway lines, the clinic’s population is a great mix of those who work in the area and those who live right around the corner.


This clinic is a carefully-accredited member of both the HSS and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Networks:


Mount Sinai and HSS logosSpear Physical Therapy is a participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network. Learn more about Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 hospital in the world in orthopedics.

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Facility Photos

Enlarge image
Treatment Room of SPEAR Physical Therapy NYC's Chelsea Facility on 16th Street
Chelsea Treatment 2
Enlarge image
Treatment Room View of SPEAR Physical Therapy NYC's 16th Street Chelsea Facility
Chelsea Treatment 1
Enlarge image
SPEAR Physical Therapy NYC 16th Street Gym in Chelsea
Chelsea Gym
Enlarge image
Spear Physical Therapy front desk
Spear front desk
Enlarge image
Spear physical therapy equipment
Spear physical therapy equipment
Enlarge image
Spear slogan on the wall
Spear slogan on the wall
Enlarge image
Spear treatment area and equipment
Spear treatment area and equipment
Chelsea -16th St Team
Amanda Kalan, PT, DPT, OCS
Amanda Kalan headshot
Amanda Kalan, PT, DPT, OCS
Clinical Director
Marina Abbatiello, PT, DPT
Marina Abbatiello headshot
Marina Abbatiello, PT, DPT
Assistant Director
Camryn Gessner, PT, DPT, AIB-VR/CON
Camryn Gessner headshot
Camryn Gessner, PT, DPT, AIB-VR/CON
Physical Therapy
Leke Abiodun, PT, DPT
Leke Abiodun headshot
Leke Abiodun, PT, DPT
Physical Therapy
Julianne Smith, PT, DPT
Julianne Smith Headshot
Julianne Smith, PT, DPT
Physical Therapy
Kate Rector, PT DPT
Kate rector Headshot
Kate Rector, PT DPT
Physical Therapist
Himani Chokshi, PT, DPT
Himani Chokshi headshot
Himani Chokshi, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Melanie Kleiner, PT, DPT
Melanie Kleiner Headshot
Melanie Kleiner, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Amanda Fleres, PT, DPT
Amanda Fleres Headshot
Amanda Fleres, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Kendrick Marania, MS, OTR/L
Katie Elifritz headshot
Kendrick Marania, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Michael Virgile, PT, DPT, CSCS
Michael Virgile headshot
Michael Virgile, PT, DPT, CSCS
Regional Director
Lisa Yirce, PT, DPT
Lisa Yirce headshot
Lisa Yirce, PT, DPT
Regional Vice President of Operations

Location reviews

Matt Sager New York, NY
Spear has done an amazing amount for me, improving conditions that had proved completely refractory and which I'd come to believe were hopeless. They're still…
Scott Russo New York, NY
Great staff. Everyone is very friendly and it’s clear they care about the people they’re treating. Jason and George have been fantastic helping me with my knee…
Andrea Barrett New York, NY
Justin took me from limping in terrible pain for close to a year to nimbly walking up and down flights of stairs. His dedication and sweet sense of humor got…
Michelle M. Buffalo, NY
The team at SPEAR is not only extremely knowledgeable but they are also all so nice. I worked with Kyle on my hip and he was just wonderful. Not only did I…
David DellaPelle New York, NY
These guys got me from a torn ACL/Meniscus/partial LCL tear after a gnarly Sugarbush wipeout in late February through a rigorous Prehab program in March. My…
Roberta N. New York, NY
My sports medicine doc referred me to Spear and I was assigned to Lia Amine.  Lia is amazing.  She is capable, good listener and very easy to work with. The…
Emily Wong New York, NY
Really fantastic physical therapy place and Jen is so attentive and patient when explaining things!!
Paisley G. New York, NY
Excellent physical therapy experts! Always welcoming and challenging. I've seen great improvement in my injury. Couldn't ask for better.
Marianne E. New York, NY
I chose Spear Physical Therapy because it was close to work, but it has proven to be a good overall choice. This is an efficient organization, providing help…
Nicole F. New York, NY
I have been going to Spear PT for several months now and Lia Amine is fabulous.  I have a crazy work schedule and she has been super helpful with trying to…
Anna A. Whitefish Bay, WI
SPEAR helped me fix over 10 years of injuries in my ankle in just over 2 months. I had Jennifer Joslyn, and she was so kind and helped me figure out what…
Fred Kolikoff New York, NY
Excellent facility. Caring knowledgeable therapists.
Maria C. New York, NY
I have typical "age-related" aches and pains affecting my back, legs, hips and spine.  After a very unpleasant experience at another PT facility, I read up on…
Chris W. Manhattan, NY
FANTASTIC!! Spear is a wonderful physical therapy service.   I have been to physical therapy only twice in my life.   Once when I slipped during Super Storm…
Fred Korz New York, NY
Used them for two problems over the years. Friendly, flexible, working with me to help me recover, understanding when one has to cancel for an unavoidable issue…
Sherry Felix New York, NY
Terrific staff
Corinda L. Brooklyn, NY
My experience with Spear was awesome. Great location, very chill space but with all the necessary equipment, friendly and accessible staff. I specifically worked…
Elodie Lewis New York, NY
It is comfy yet professional, small but perfectly equipped and all the physical therapists are actually doctors as well, if I have my facts straight. Perfect…
Steven Smith New York, NY
These people have an EXCELLENT set of skills and apply them according to ones needs AND they are NOT "clock-watching" They often extend the usual hour visits.
Steven Hoffenson New York, NY
I've been going there for two weeks, and so far I've been very impressed with the care and service.
Josh Mizrahi New York, NY
Great and friendly staft
David Newman New York, NY
Nice folks. A little bro-y
Jonah T. Brooklyn, NY
I've been going to Spear for about 5 months or so for achilles tendinitis in both legs and have been working with Sam Robin. She has been professional, fun…
Majd NYC

Everyone here is very good at what they do and very attentive. I also did massage with Greg and he is just wonderful. Quickly put me at ease and love his perspective on healing and therapy.

Masha NYC

This is my first time doing physical therapy and i seriously enjoyed it. I had no idea where to go or who to see when i was looking for a PT therapist…

Tracey G. NYC

Only one negative — Why doesn’t Spear have recycle bins — you need to be eco friendly and green

Dave D. Brooklyn, NY
Bodies. They're scary. Super scary. Are you afraid of your body? Because I'm afraid of mine. I dragged my spooky body into SPEAR a few weeks ago and was greeted…
Sheila G. New York, NY
So far, I have had 3 PT appointments with SPEAR PT and I can't complain. Each visit has been great, and all of the therapists have been knowledgeable, professional...
Connor W. Richmond, VA
Great PTs and tech (the shorter tech is absolutely great, you can ask him to get you water and he will even ten times per one hour, be sure to ask him!)' I've…
Joseph Saba New York, NY
Justin and the crew at Spear were great. Came in with a torn hamstring and Justin devoted the time and thoughtfulness needed to literally get me back up and…
Sheila A. Manhattan, NY

I am 54 years old, a runner, biker, hiker, tennis player, rugby player … okay in my much earlier years … but I know a thing or two…

Abe C. NYC

It really works. I have a problem with my muscles and it is soo much better.

Julia C. NYC

I went mostly as a preventive measure to prevent my back pain from getting worse. Michael was my PT, and helped come up with exercises…

Stephanie R.
I had a great experience at SPEAR Physical Therapy! I worked with Michael Virgile who was fantastic! Mike did a great job explaining all of the exercises...
Stephen R. New York, NY
I can't thank SPEAR enough for helping me get healthy and back to the gym! Lisa Yirce was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive throughout my...
Ricky G. NYC

Friendly staff, knowledgeable and flexible, highly recommended

Mike Z. NYC

I walked into Spear Physical Therapy with a sprained ankle that barely had any mobility. I had pain, I was limping at times, I could not run, squat, or…

Adam S. NYC

SPEAR is easy to get to, easy to work with and Samantha Robin is a talented and capable PT – highly recommended.

Dave Insley New York, NY
Great staff
Adam S. Brooklyn, NY
If you need Physical Therapy then go see Samantha Robin at SPEAR Physical Therapy in Chelsea. Sam was fantastic, super knowledgeable, experienced, and professional…
Marissa L. Manhattan, NY

This is a great physical therapy spot! I was very pleasantly surprised when I started coming here, both with the space and the quality…

Lily M. NYC

Good and friendly staff.

Emmett O. Buffalo, NY
The convenience of scheduling, the care of the therapists, and the quality of work all helped me get back in the gym and back to work comfortably. Thank you Mike!
Marissa L. Manhattan, NY

This is a great physical therapy spot! I was very pleasantly surprised when I started coming here, both with the space and the quality…

Paul R. Manhattan, NY
Had a great four or five months with Mike Virgile, who not only helped to resolve my complaints but equipped me with what I need to continue on my own. Mike was…
Carlos` L. Brooklyn, NY
I had a very serious crush injury to my left foot after being runned over by a truck while I was biking!! If I walk with more normality I owe it to Mike (AKA…
Dan F. Basking Ridge, NJ
I recently had ACL reconstruction surgery and Sam Robin has been great to work with during my recovery.  She knew all of the details about how having a simultaneous…
Findley D. Manhattan, NY
I worked with Lisa for about 8 weeks after suffering a sprained ankle while running on 7th Ave and tripping on the lip of a sidewalk grate. Being a new mom, I…
Martin G. Brooklyn, NY
Sam Robin is the best. She has been working with me for 2 months and the difference is amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough
Mary M. Manhattan, NY
I couldn't have been happier with my experience at SPEAR in Chelsea. I was treated by Lisa Yirce, who was just the best. I wasn't even sure of the part of my…
Mo A. Manhattan, NY
I tore my Achilles tendon and had repair surgery and came to SPEAR for my rehab. This was my first major injury in my entire life of sports and so I was naturally…
Y Y. Brooklyn, NY
After a shoulder injury which I was willing to go away on it's own, I begrudgingly agreed with my physician that I indeed needed the help of a physical therapist…
Brendan B. Brooklyn, NY
I've gone to Spear for two separate injuries in the past year and I've received excellent therapy both times! The facility is amazing. My most recent therapist…
Brett F. Manhattan, NY
I have been to multiple physical therapists for various injuries throughout the years but none compare to Jason Kang and Spear PT. When I first began PT I was in…
Arielle S. Manhattan, NY
Samantha has been my physical therapist for the past six months, and has been instrumental in "getting me back on my feet". After suffering a bad hip injury…
Nate E. San Rafael, CA
Kellen totally saved my shoulder from surgery. I played baseball for about 25 years, and rec softball after college, and my rotator cuff, and shoulder have take…
Dan S. Manhattan, NY
My illustrious softball career is saved. I came seeking relief from a shoulder injury rendering my unable to raise my arm above my shoulder without…
Anonymous 1. New York, NY
Mike Virgile is simply the best--as both a physical therapist and a person.  I have seen him for multiple injuries and have been seeing him for almost 2 years…
Ellie B. Astoria, NY
had seen a few doctors before I was finally referred to Spear. I knew I was in good hands with Samantha Robin when she immediately diagnosed femoral-patella…
Cristina F. New York, NY
I couldn't imagine having a better experience for physical therapy. The entire staff is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. For my visits, I worked primarily…
Joseph K. San Mateo, CA
The treatment I received at SPEAR on w16th st was just phenomenal! Samantha was kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. Her expertise is the only reason I was…
Dain S. New York, NY
I was rehabbing my torn acl/mcl and I highly recommend Spear Physical Therapy.  I had my beginning couple months at a different place in Maryland, and when I…
Maddie R. New York, NY
Great staff! The ladies at the front desk are the nicest people in the world and Jason Kang and Mike Virgile are excellent therapists- especially for athletes…
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