Martin earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from James Madison University in Virginia, where he had the privilege of being a part of the Centennial Scholars Program for four years. He later acquired his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. 

Originally from the Philippines, Martin was introduced to boxing by his father at a young age, a passion he pursued until transitioning to Mixed Martial Arts during his high school and college years in the US. Martin developed an affinity for unconventional sports, including MMA, powerlifting, and rock climbing. 

While attending college, Martin was actively involved in student diversity organizations, advocating for multicultural education and organizing fundraisers for childhood cancer initiatives in the Philippines. During his graduate studies, he served as a Graduate Research Assistant, teaching review classes and labs, as well as supporting faculty research projects. 

Martin’s clinical experience spans various settings, from outpatient orthopedics to inpatient rehabilitation in units focusing on brain injuries and strokes. He has treated a wide range of conditions, including cerebrovascular accidents, traumatic brain injuries, intracranial tumors, and cerebellar disorders. In recent years, Martin has dedicated himself to advancing his knowledge through additional coursework and observations in areas such as osteopathic manipulative therapy, multimodal chronic pain management, robotic assisted surgeries, treatment of complex regional pain syndrome, and the manufacturing/treatment with prosthetics and orthotics, among others. His background also encompasses substantial experience in strength and conditioning coaching and personal training before embarking on his physical therapy career. 

Inspired by the resilience of individuals with severe chronic pain conditions, Martin chose to pursue a career in physical therapy. He is a firm believer in treating the individual rather than just the condition, recognizing that each person’s unique life experiences and sociocultural background present distinct challenges and perspectives. Martin is committed to fostering independence and emphasizes the importance of patient education, aiming to empower individuals to improve and achieve their personal goals. 

In his free time, Martin enjoys film photography, cooking, weightlifting, traveling with his partner Luci, and consuming anything edible within a 5-foot radius.


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