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Running Analysis



The Spear Running Analysis program is a biomechanical assessment performed by a physical therapist to identify factors that impact performance deficiencies and injury risk in runners. A physical therapist will use video analysis and other assessments to identify areas of your running style that need improvement. Based on the findings, you will receive a customized exercise and training plan to help you reach your goals.

Who Can Benefit from a Running Analysis with Spear?

Someone new to running will be taught proper training routines, correct running motions, and pre-run warmup exercises.

Someone transitioning back to running after Physical Therapy who wants to comfortably return to running again after an injury.

Someone experiencing discomfort while running and can’t figure out why they have pain. A running analysis can identify the reason and suggest next steps in relieving the pain.

Goals of a Running Analysis

Injury Prevention

Identifying and correcting any issues with your form can alleviate unnecessary stress from your muscles and joints, preventing future injuries.

Improve Efficiency

Optimal running form can help you conserve energy and reduce effort so you can run faster and longer.

Maximize Performance

Identifying and targeting weak areas in your form can help you optimize your running technique, which can enhance performance and results.


What to Expect During a Running Analysis

During your appointment, your physical therapist will discuss your running experience, injury history, training habits, and goals. They will then test your strength and endurance through various exercises. Next, your physical therapist will conduct a visual assessment while you run on the treadmill for 5-15 minutes(depending on your fitness level), recording your overall form including the specific area of pain. Following that, your therapist will  review the footage and provide feedback and suggested exercises.

Based on your evaluation and goals, your physical therapist will develop and share a written analysis providing you with a customized exercise and training plan.


Why Run with Spear?

All our physical therapists that provide running analysis are running specialists, assuring that you will receive expert advice and personalized care. Each appointment is a full hour of exclusive one-on-one time between you and your specialist, making your running goals a priority.

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