Murray Hill - E 34th St

Murray Hill - E 34th St
143 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016
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Location Overview

Our Murray Hill clinic, located in the ground-floor retail space at 143 E 34th Street near Lexington Avenue, is the best of two worlds; it has the friendly feel of a residential neighborhood with a sprinkle of “can-do” commercial midtown. The storefront property offers easy access from the street; inside, vaulted ceilings, clean lines, crisp wood tones, and a cement finish to the gym floor round out a modern, industrial vibe. After a productive therapy session, patients can jump into a shower and change in one of the private changing rooms before hitting the city streets.


This clinic is a carefully-accredited member of both the HSS and Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Networks:

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Spear Physical Therapy is a participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network. Learn more about Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 hospital in the world in orthopedics.

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Facility Photos

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Murray Hill - E 34th St interior overview
Enlarge image
Murray Hill - E 34th St interior overview
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Murray Hill - E 34th St equipment wall
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SPEAR Physical Therapy East 34th Street NYC Treatment Room in Murray Hill
Murray Hill Treatment 1
Enlarge image
Murray Hill - E 34th St Treatment room
Murray Hill Treatment 2
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SPEAR Physical Therapy NYC Gym in Murray Hill on East 34th Street
Murray Hill Gym
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Murray Hill - E 34th St lockers
Murray Hill_Lockers
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Spear Physical Therapy front desk
Spear front desk
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Spear physical therapy equipment
Spear physical therapy equipment
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Spear slogan on the wall
Spear slogan on the wall
Murray Hill - E 34th St Team
Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS
Mohit Birdi headshot
Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS
Clinical Director/Clinical Education Coordinator
Katy Metz, PT, DPT
Katy Metz headshot
Katy Metz, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist/Mentorship Coordinator
Cailin Dix, PT, DPT
Cailin Dix headshot
Cailin Dix, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Glenn Collaku, PT, DPT
Glenn Collaku headshot
Glenn Collaku, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Sheena Trivedi, PT, DPT
Sheena Trivedi headshot
Sheena Trivedi, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Radhika Patel, PT, DPT
Radhika Patel Headshot
Radhika Patel, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Matthew Hosokawa, PT, DPT
Matthew Hosokawa headshot
Matthew Hosokawa, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Rose Luzuriaga, PT, DPT
Rosie Luzuriaga Headshot
Rose Luzuriaga, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Cynthia Yip, PT, DPT
Cynthia Yip Headshot
Cynthia Yip, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Suzanne Hudis, PT, DPT
Suzanne Hudis Headshot
Suzanne Hudis, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
Ashley Rozek, PT, DPT, CSCS
Midtown NYC Physical Therapist Ashley Rozek
Ashley Rozek, PT, DPT, CSCS
Regional Director

Location reviews

James A. Brooklyn, NY
When I partially tore my hamstring, my goal was to not only recover but to make sure my hamstring was 110 percent. My goal would have never been accomplished…
James H. Traverse City, MI
I spent the past 6 months seeing Amanda at Spear on 34th Street to help with a knee injury.  It was a fantastic experience.  She is terrific, great personality…
Joshua B. Manhattan, NY
SPEAR is the BEST for physical therapy. It has been nothing but an amazing experience from the beginning. I had an initial consultation and then right into…
Kendra K New York, NY
After 10+ years of chronic pelvic pain that many doctors couldn't diagnose or treat Kathryn Maykish has changed my life. Kathryn is my biggest cheerleader and…
David R. Merrick, NY
Hands down best facility in Manhattan. I went in there barely being able to walk because of back pain and Austin had me back playing baseball within a few weeks…
Hannah Franklin New York, NY
The Spear team at Murray Hill is super friendly and helpful. Biggest ups to Kathryn Maykish for her professionalism, depth of knowledge, patience and caring…
Stephanie K. New York, NY
I had the best experience working with Kathryn Maykish as my Physical Therapist for a shoulder injury that I had. She took the time to work with me so that I…
Caroline B. New York, NY
I could not more highly recommend Meghan King as a physical therapist. Not only did she get me back in tip-top shape, she gave me the tools to make sure my…
Jeff C. Manhattan, NY
I can't say enough good things about my experience here. Kathryn is amazing and has been very helpful every step of the way through my (unfortunately) many…
Samara G. Manhattan, NY
A little over a year ago I got runners knee. I had never experienced an injury like this and was sad that I couldn't attend my favorite studio workout class…
Allie L. Manhattan, NY
Having to go to PT for the first time after a torn calf muscle was intimidating but Kathryn and the entire PT staff (Kurt) at Spear are truly outstanding. They…
Jindy K. New York, NY
Spear is a clean, friendly, and professional environment to receive physical therapy. I've been to other facilities and can attest that I'd recommend this place…
Kristen S. New York, NY
I could not speak more highly of SPEAR Murray Hill or more specifically my experience with my PT Kathryn. Kathryn and everyone working at SPEAR are extremely…
Wendy Johnson New York, NY
HIGHEST recommendations for the Spear Murray Hill facility, and most especially for Physical Therapist Amanda Sachdeva in particular. The facility is well-equipped…
Alex K. Tenafly, NJ
This is a review for Spear Physical Therapy in Murray Hill and for my wonderful PT, Amanda Sachdeva. I have been to a few facilities throughout NYC and New…
Leslie Lewis New York, NY
Words could never describe the gratitude I feel towards Kathryn, one of the most outstanding physiotherapists and general human beings I have ever had the…
Steve S. Astoria, NY
I ended up in physical therapy after an injury I labored through during the NYC Marathon this past November. As an avid runner and someone who was very tentative…
Sathesh Bhat New York, NY
Spear Murray Hill is a great facility, I worked with Austin Afshar after ACL surgery and he did a great job in getting me back to a 100% significantly ahead to…
R. R. New York, NY
I could not give a higher recommendation! The entire concept of pt here is completely different from all the prior pt places I have gone and it WORKS!!!! They…
Alex Fox New York, NY
Love this place!! Louisa is a miracle worker. I highly recommend. She’s the best!
Alison Bloom-Feshbach New York, NY
I have only great things to say about my experience at Spear - an easy five stars! I have been very fortunate to work with Mohit, who is an amazing physical…
Amanda Fishman New York, NY
The Spear facility is gorgeous and new. Equipment is clean and everyone is very friendly. It was really hard for me to emotionally accept the fact that I was…
Andrew Solages New York, NY
By far the best PT place I’ve been to! Everyone is so friendly, warm, and welcoming. The front desk staff is phenomenal. I especially want to thank Amy for being…
Ben M New York, NY
I was able to fully rehab my hips after both got labral repairs with Mohit from Spear's murray hill location. The facility is great and scheduling was made pretty…
Carla Clayton New York, NY
I can only echo the very positive reviews. The facility is very appealing, and everyone on the staff is friendly, courteous and professional. Meghan King has…
Brandon Saldana New York, NY
The people at Spear Murray Hill are very nice and personable. The guy who runs the place (Austin, I believe?), is always interacting with both his own patients…
Damon Korf New York, NY
Love working with Louisa. Knowledgeable and motivating staff!
Daniel Gottlieb New York, NY
I have been going to Spear therapy for about 2 Months for post op ACL surgery. My experience has been great and the quality of care provided to their patients…
Danielle Xuereb New York, NY
Louisa at Spear Murray hill is super awesome and helped me to realize my dream of running the TCS NYC Marathon. Before my weekly sessions with Louisa, Pat, and…
Francis Noonan New York, NY
A great facility with a very attentive staff. My physical therapist Louisa was knowledgeable and pleasant. She was able to answer my questions thoroughly and…
Halle Angelo New York, NY
This location is amazing. Everyone that works here is so attentive, hard working but manages to make it such a fun and energetic environment. Best place in NYC!
Hanna Kozlowska New York, NY
I've been training with Kathryn Maykish for several months now, and she is amazing -- and I say this as a patient with five surgeries'-worth of physical therapy…
Irish Environment New York, NY
I have worked with Mohit Birdi at this location for over a year on tennis elbow, plantars fasciitis, and several shoulder injuries. He is the most professional…
Jesse Tayler New York, NY
really nice folks, always ready to help and very personable! you'll like everyone there right from the start and they really take care of your injury or whatever…
Libby Hostetler New York, NY
This place is great! Mohit has been so patient with me and really helped me prepare for the marathon. I honestly don't think I could've pulled off such an…
Martin Schäf New York, NY
Excellent PT place. Louisa Powers has done an amazing job helping me to recover from a knee injury for a couple of weeks now. She helped, me to get back to…
Meredith Curtis New York, NY
I came to Spear for its convenient location by my work and for its snazzy looking new location on 34th Street. Not only have they FIXED my knee pain (started…
Michael Markis New York, NY
Spear – Murray hill is the best facility to receive treatment. The facility is spacious, clean, and modern. I'm very fortunate that Louisa took the time to see…
Nicole Gentile New York, NY
I have had an amazing experience at SEAR PT. I have been fortunate enough to get treated by Mohit and Lauren and they've been amazing. The entire staff is…
Nicole Kligerman New York, NY
I am feeling so much better after working with Mohit at SPEAR on 34th St. Mohit and Lauren are very supportive. Along with the rest of the staff, they have made…
Rick O'Boyle New York, NY
Spear Murray Hill is absolutely the BEST PT experience I have ever had! Everyone who works there is very professional and friendly. From the front desk to the…
Ryan Foley New York, NY
Where's the 6 stars button? Honestly, SPEAR totally exceeded my expectations. Great, clean facility with lots of convenience options (shower, change of clothes…
Ryan Levan New York, NY
SPEAR Murray Hill is the place to go for sports rehab in Manhattan. The enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and good-natured staff--led by Austin--worked with me to…
Ryan Percy New York, NY
I didn't think it was possible to enjoy going to physical therapy but SPEAR was able to make that happen. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. The trainers…
Sara Jaye-Esposito New York, NY
I started going to physical therapy at SPEAR a few months ago. Louisa is extremely personable she took the time out of her busy schedule to explain and educate…
Shay Zach New York, NY
WOW What a game Changer, they make workout and healing a fun process - Louisa Powers is peppy, energetic and the staff generally is amazing, there are always…
Mike Virgile New York, NY
SPEAR has a state of the art office with top-notch therapists and some of the friendliest staff I've seen in a medical office!
Vatsala Deora New York, NY
Mohit is fantastic! I come to Spear specifically to work with him. He keeps the exercises tough but fun. My back pain has almost completely disappeared since…
Ling Lin New York, NY
Amazing PT experience at SPEAR! Kathryn, my therapist, was able to identify the underlying reasons causing me pain and gave me so much support and exercise…
Ilissa K. New York, NY
COULDN'T GIVE A HIGHER RECOMMENDATION. Great team! Went here for about 3 months and have never received such great care in my 3 bouts of physical therapy. Mohit…
Barbara Martelli New York, NY
This is by far the best physical therapy facility I have ever been to. It is brand new, with the latest equipment and is always sparkling clean. Mohit and the…
Julie D. Manhattan, NY
I can't begin to describe how amazing Spear PT is. From the moment you first walk in, the receptionist are so friendly and make sure you feel very comfortable…
Connor Friel New York, NY
Spear Physical Therapy is the place to be! Dr. John Bernfeld hooks it up and makes sure you’re feeling better when you leave than when you walked in. If you…
Tyler Forbes New York, NY
Spear Murray Hill is great! Really clean, new, and very friendly/attentive staff! Always a joy when I do my physical therapy there. Would highly recommend to…
Whitney Schmutter New York, NY
I love SPEAR physical therapy!! First of all, the facility is so clean and beautiful. Aside from that, the staff at the front desk is amazing. The ladies and…
Nicole A. Suffern, NY
I have had the benefit of being treated by both Louisa and Kathryn. They are both amazing physical therapists who cared tremendously about my wellbeing and…
Erika A. NYC

Great experiences!!

Staci B. New York, NY

I love this place. I guess that sounds weird because who “loves” physical therapy?But it’s a welcoming environment, when you come in …

Rachel S. NYC

Everyone made it feel like a community. SO clean and so much energy. Seemed like a fun place to work and it was a fun place to be…

Walid H. NYC

I really like this place

Robert B. NYC

A very friendly atmosphere. staff got along with each other wonderfully.

Claire Hung New York, NY
I'm a professional fitness trainer, and Dr. Natalia Farnsworth was instrumental in getting me back to being my active self again. I had no idea Pelvic floor…
Shah T. NYC

Outstanding environment. Great people with great knowledge. A fun place, ultra clean, and truly great PT. Entire staff there is wonderful…

Andrew M. NYC

The facility itself is spacious, modern, and clean; the staff are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and super friendly. Louiza and Patrice…

Mark Gottlieb New York, NY
It was a great experience working with the staff at SPEAR on the road to mending.
Stacey J. Chappaqua, NY

SPEAR Physical Therapy in Murray Hill was wonderful and Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS is the best Physical Therapist – I highly recommend!!

Jill Applebaum New York, NY
I've had a really positive experience working with Natalia, Louisa and the entire team at Spear Murray Hill. They all make the experience extremely pleasant -…
Shelley W. New York, NY

This is a great facility and team. Having a brand new facility is of course very nice. But what really matters is the team that works there…

Sandrine Isambert New York, NY
Natalia is just amazing! I had been her patient in the financial district and followed her in her new location. Her approach is awesome, it's not just about…
Brett Feldman New York, NY
Louisa is the best! Great staff, perfect location and facilities are brand new.
Stacey Wachtfogel New York, NY
SPEAR Physical Therapy was wonderful and Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS is the best Physical Therapist - I highly recommend!!
Wayne Farquharson New York, NY
Louise and the crew are amazing!!
Austin A. NYC

My experience at SPEAR Murray Hill has been nothing short of outstanding. Louisa is amazing! She always fully explains what is going on…

Cory S. NYC

I had a great experience at SPEAR. I came in with a torn MCL and a lofty goal to run the Boston Marathon in just 6 weeks. While the trainers…

Mariana T. New York, NY
I've been treated by Natalia in both the Financial District and the Murray Hill locations. I have only good things to say about her and the staff - very…
K L. Manhattan, NY
Spear PT is very well organized and Jeremy Crow is an absolute rockstar physical therapist. He has the best moves, teaches me the best moves, and is even in...
Michael Caruana New York, NY
Natalia and the rest of the staff at Spear Physical Therapy in Murray Hill were fantastic. They helped me understand my injury and how to heal and get stronger…
Sarah Neufeld
Jeremy Crow was my Physical Therapist at Spear PT in the Murray Hill location. He is an extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional physical therapist who was...
Jacob Karas New York, NY
Natalia and her staff are great! Everyone at the Spear Murray Hill location is very professional, enjoyable to work with and creative in their rehab approach…
Natalie Archer New York, NY
The Murray Hill office is lovely, with lots of space & natural light. Highly recommend it. That said I would go to any location to see my fav PT Natalia :)
Rose S. NYC
This is a brand new location of Spear, everything is new and it's quite a nice place to go. However, what makes Spear amazing is the...
David B. New York, NY
Great new SPEAR location with an absolutely fantastic staff!
Christopher O. NYC
Very comfortable surroundings. Staff always friendly and welcoming. My Physical Therapist Natalia really seems to know what she's doing...
Cathy Campbell New York, NY
I am currently enjoying my first ski trip of 2017 and I would be here feeling as good as I do without the help of Natalia Farnsworth. I was 8 days past my 2nd…
Anita S. San Francisco, CA
This new SPEAR facility is outstanding! The setting is open and airy with brand new tables, equipment and weights. The staff is cordial and welcoming. If you…
Meredith Taylor van de Water New York, NY
I worked with Natalia for several months to address some pelvic and lower back issues post-partum. I valued her experience and approach, and was continually…
Melissa Grady
I love Spear! I've been going for a little over a year, and Jeremy has been AMAZING! My doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery highly recommended Jeremy, and he has he...
Nina Cohen New York, NY
The new Spear facility is very cool - all new equipment and very inviting. I know I am in good hands with Jeremy. He has great knowledge, and he is equally kind…
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