Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS

Clinical Director/Clinical Education Coordinator- CSCS, DPT, PT
Mohit Birdi headshot
Mohit Birdi portrait
Mohit Birdi playing tennis
Mohit Birdi cooking
Mohit Birdi headshot
Mohit Birdi portrait
Mohit Birdi playing tennis
Mohit Birdi cooking

Mohit received a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from Ohio State University and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University. Additionally, he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and was a personal trainer at OSU’s main campus facility. While in school, he spent time completing rotations through various hospitals and clinics, including a very rewarding experience at Mount Sinai’s brain injury unit focusing on neurological rehabilitation.

Working in outpatient orthopedics, Mohit has been exposed to treating a wide variety of operative and non-operative cases. He enjoys working with patients to develop individualized goals, whether it is simply returning to walking, or completing a marathon. Mohit has treated patients with various vestibular conditions and neck-related headaches and has pursued continued education and coursework in manual therapy. Mohit places emphasis on patient education and ergonomic analysis whenever possible to facilitate return to function.

Mohit enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle by playing tennis and loves traveling and cooking.

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R. R. New York, NY
I could not give a higher recommendation! The entire concept of pt here is completely different from all the prior pt places I have gone and it WORKS!!!! They…
Alison Bloom-Feshbach New York, NY
I have only great things to say about my experience at Spear - an easy five stars! I have been very fortunate to work with Mohit, who is an amazing physical…
Amanda Fishman New York, NY
The Spear facility is gorgeous and new. Equipment is clean and everyone is very friendly. It was really hard for me to emotionally accept the fact that I was…
Vatsala Deora New York, NY
Mohit is fantastic! I come to Spear specifically to work with him. He keeps the exercises tough but fun. My back pain has almost completely disappeared since…
Chris Moll New York, NY
The staff at SPEAR are AMAZING. I originally came to SPEAR after hobbling around on a weak ankle for a few months, but when the pain became too much for me I…
Daniel Gottlieb New York, NY
I have been going to Spear therapy for about 2 Months for post op ACL surgery. My experience has been great and the quality of care provided to their patients…
Irish Environment New York, NY
I have worked with Mohit Birdi at this location for over a year on tennis elbow, plantars fasciitis, and several shoulder injuries. He is the most professional…
Libby Hostetler New York, NY
This place is great! Mohit has been so patient with me and really helped me prepare for the marathon. I honestly don't think I could've pulled off such an…
Nicole Gentile New York, NY
I have had an amazing experience at SEAR PT. I have been fortunate enough to get treated by Mohit and Lauren and they've been amazing. The entire staff is…
Nicole Kligerman New York, NY
I am feeling so much better after working with Mohit at SPEAR on 34th St. Mohit and Lauren are very supportive. Along with the rest of the staff, they have made…
Ilissa K. New York, NY
COULDN'T GIVE A HIGHER RECOMMENDATION. Great team! Went here for about 3 months and have never received such great care in my 3 bouts of physical therapy. Mohit…
Barbara Martelli New York, NY
This is by far the best physical therapy facility I have ever been to. It is brand new, with the latest equipment and is always sparkling clean. Mohit and the…
Tyler Forbes New York, NY
Spear Murray Hill is great! Really clean, new, and very friendly/attentive staff! Always a joy when I do my physical therapy there. Would highly recommend to…
Stacey Wachtfogel New York, NY
SPEAR Physical Therapy was wonderful and Mohit Birdi, PT, DPT, CSCS is the best Physical Therapist - I highly recommend!!
Find Mohit at: Murray Hill - E 34th St, Spear Live
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