Golf Swing Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis

The Spear Golf program combines our top tier standard for Physical Therapy and the industry-leading Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) approach to the body-swing connection™ to help improve your posture, swing, and extend the life of your game.

Not only will you improve your swing, you will correct swing faults and reduce stress on your body. You can have longer shots and play pain free by improving motor function, sequencing, and strengthening the primary muscle groups involved in swinging a club.

What is TPI and What Are Its Benefits?The Titleist Performance Institute is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Since its inception in 2003, it has studied thousands of golfers of all skill levels to identify various physical limitations which can negatively impact your swing and result in injury.

What Makes Spear Golf Swing Analysis Unique?

You may come across others with the TPI certification, including the pro at your local golf shop. Spear therapists with TPI certifications are unique in that they come to Golf Swing Analysis with a clinical background in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy. What does that mean for you? The same professional that identifies issues with your swing can also make recommendations for how to fix those issues, and treat you with a customized Physical Therapy program.

Who Can Benefit from Golf Swing Analysis?

If played right, golf is a game that can last a lifetime. Our TPI training allows for custom analysis and recommendations to improve strength and decrease injuries. The Spear Golf Program is for every golfer who wants to maximize their body’s potential, and play the game they love, longer.

How Does Golf Swing Analysis Work?

The process begins with a thorough physical screen with a TPI certified therapist to identify any physical restrictions, along with a breakdown of your golf swing for comprehensive insight into what lies behind your injuries. At each session, we’ll work to address your body’s limitations and seek methods to find a swing that best suits you.

What Does a TPI Evaluation Cost

$180 includes:

  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Evaluation with a TPI Certified PT
  • Biomechanical video analysis with report of findings
  • Individualized Golf Specific fitness program tailored to your needs
  • Power, strength, flexibility and core training to improve ball striking


Need a warm-up routine before your next golf outing? Watch our 3 minute video below!

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