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Back Pain Bad Posture Woman Sitting

Due to the new reality surrounding COVID-19, more people than ever have started to call their office home. Knowing this, it is important that individuals working from home understand the importance of proper ergonomics and good body mechanics. Our occupational and physical therapists at Spear are excited to help create an ergonomic at home workspace for you. We are offering ergonomic and work-from-home consultations via SPEAR LIVE, our online telehealth service. This service helps you maximize your productivity and reduce repetitive strain and postural injuries.

Who can Benefit from Ergonomic Physical and Occupational Therapy?

Anyone who spends time at a desk, on the phone, or on a computer can benefit from an ergonomic consultation. You do not have to wait for pain or discomfort to make changes! Ergonomic workspaces help to prevent repetitive strain injury as well as assist in the treatment of these injuries along with physical or occupational therapy.

How Does an Ergonomic/Work-From-Home Consultation Work?

Your therapist will gather information through a medical history, questionnaire, and assessing your workplace set up using Telehealth video chat. You and your therapist will collaborate to create a new ergonomic workspace in your home. Your therapist will also create a tailored home exercise program in order to address areas of decreased strength contributing to postural dysfunction. You will have the option to schedule future therapy sessions with your OT/PT in order to restore function to full pain-free independence.

How Much Does an Ergonomic Session Cost?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance companies are covering 100% of the costs for online, telehealth physical & occupational therapy appointments. We can verify your insurance coverage by phone, email or online form:


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