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SPEAR LIVE is your online, in-home physical and occupational therapy tool. Stay at home, yet maintain your health and keep that bond with your favorite physical therapist. SPEAR LIVE connects you like FaceTime to the nation’s best physical and occupational therapists, and allows you to continue your healthcare without leaving your house!

Who Can Benefit from Online, In-Home Physical and Occupational Therapy?

SPEAR LIVE’s online physical and occupational therapy service is for anyone who is unable to visit any of our clinics. You may be traveling for work or required to stay home because you are sick. You may not have the time to leave your house and travel into the clinic, yet still want to continue your cadence of treatment.

How Does SPEAR LIVE Online Physical and Occupational Therapy Work?

SPEAR LIVE is an easy-to-use video conferencing tool similar to FaceTime(TM), Facebook Messenger, Skype, or any of the other tools you may use at work. With SPEAR LIVE we actually make it even easier: you simply reach out to us to request an appointment, and once we schedule it with you we email you a link to the SPEAR LIVE video call. To get started you can:

How Much Does In-Home, Online Physical and Occupational Therapy Cost with SPEAR LIVE?

Patient responsibilities are the same for online physical and occupational therapy as they are for physical therapy visits in the clinic. SPEAR LIVE is billed through your insurance.


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