Khyati Kyada, a dedicated and passionate individual, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical  Therapy from RKU, India, attained in 2017. With a journey rooted in the pursuit of sports and  fitness, she embarked on a transformative path in the realm of physical therapy. Over the  course of five years, Khyati honed her expertise while working in advanced sports orthopedic  clinics and fitness centers in India. Her commitment is underscored by certifications in Kinesio  taping, dry needling, and cupping therapy, complemented by specialized training in functional  and cross-fit techniques through the National Association of Strength and Conditioning. 

What sets Khyati apart is her unique entry into the world of physical therapy. Driven by her  fervor for sports and wellness, she ventured into this field to bridge her passion with her career.  This venture led her to gain invaluable clinical insights, including myofascial pain release, active  trigger point release, and mobilization with movements. Moreover, she adeptly integrates agility  training to elevate athletes’ performance. Her dedication extends beyond therapeutic realms –  Khyati’s advocacy for women’s empowerment echoes in her aspirations to effect positive  societal change. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Khyati’s diverse interests embody her multifaceted  persona. A prolific blogger, she shares life lessons and cross-cultural insights, aiding  international students and those keen on United States living. Her artistic flair shines through  photography and video creation, underscored by a fervent dedication to daily workouts. Family oriented and goal-driven, Khyati Kyada embodies the essence of a humble, passionate, and  empowering individual, embracing life’s experiences with a relentless spirit of exploration and  growth.

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