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Winson earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy along with his Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Downstate Medical Center. Prior to attending Downstate Medical Center, he completed his undergraduate studies at Lehman College, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. 

While completing his clinical rotations in the doctorate program, Winson gained extensive clinical experience in treating a variety of orthopedic and vestibular conditions, including but not limited to chronic back pain, post-operative injuries, and vertigo. He also has clinical experience in working with the neurological population in the acute rehabilitation setting, where patients suffered from strokes and traumatic brain injuries.  

Through his clinical education, Winson developed a strong ability to create individualized plans of care to suit his patients’ functional goals. He found his interest in working with patients of all populations ranging from athletes to the geriatrics. He has a passion for regaining his patient’s previous level of function and achieving their goals. 

Outside of the clinic, Winson is always staying active by going to the gym to weight-lift and play basketball. He loves to go on scenic adventures by hiking and biking. Winson enjoys traveling around the world and sampling all the local cuisines.


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