Twisha is a skilled Physical Therapist; she completed her bachelor’s degree from JG College of Physical Therapy. She has participated in various workshops such as Antenatal & postnatal fitness, Therapeutic taping, and has expertise in conditions like ACL, rotator cuff, cervical, and back injuries. She is also equipped to address a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. Given her experience in an outpatient clinic and her exposure to diverse populations during rotations, she possesses strong interpersonal skills and the ability to tailor her treatments to meet the specific needs of her patients.

Twisha’s commitment to utilizing various treatment approaches such as manual therapy, strength training, and functional mobility is great. This well-rounded approach can greatly benefit her patients by addressing different aspects of their conditions and promoting overall improvement in their physical well-being.

Twisha’s interests outside of her professional life as a physical therapist is her love for outdoor activities, spending time with friends and family, engaging in sports, visiting national parks, and connecting with nature. Her zest for life and diverse range of interests contribute to her positive outlook and ability to connect with people on various levels. reflects a well-rounded and active lifestyle.


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