Sharvari’s journey to becoming a physical therapist began in India where she pursued her Bachelor’s of physical therapy to deepen her understanding of human anatomy and movement. Growing up, Sharvari was inspired by her father, who had overcome a severe injury with the help of physical therapy. Witnessing the transformation in her father’s life ignited Sharvari’s passion for helping others regain their mobility and independence.

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree, she embarked her journey as a physical therapist in India. Her first job was at a local rehabilitation clinic, where she worked with patients recovering from orthopedic injuries and surgeries. Her exceptional skills, combined with her compassionate approach, quickly made her a trusted healthcare professional in the community. Sharvari’s passion for helping others transcended her clinical work. After completing her undergraduate studies, Sharvari was accepted into the Master of Science in Exercise Science program at the University of Buffalo. Her time in the program was marked by relentless dedication to her studies and a commitment to hands-on learning through clinical placements. 

Outside of her profession, Sharvari enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She maintains her love for the outdoors through hiking and cycling. Sharvari’s experiences in nature continue to inspire her approach to healing, as she believes in the power of movement and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.


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