Samantha Lui

Pilates Instructor

Samantha Lui received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University at Buffalo. During her undergraduate studies, she completed a 480-hour internship at a Pilates studio. Sam became familiar with the mini barrel, wunda chair, reformer and mat Pilates exercises. After her internship, she received her Pilates Reformer certification through Balanced Body and worked as a Pilates Instructor for a few months before moving back to Staten Island after graduation.

While completing her hours required for certification, Sam worked with a physical therapist who based his treatment sessions off Pilates utilizing several types of Pilates equipment throughout the session. Based on that experience, Sam developed a similar mind set and also wants to be a physical therapist that emphasizes Pilates exercises as part of her treatment plan. She feels that Pilates can help patients and clients correct alignment, walk gracefully with better posture, improve balance, flexibility, coordination, strength and get long and lean muscles. Pilates doesn’t only target a single muscle group but targets multiple in a single exercise. Sam is also interested in getting more Pilates certifications prior to attending PT school at NYIT next year.

During her free time, Sam enjoys running, sketching and keeping up with the latest food trends in the city.

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