Rachita holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Terna Physiotherapy College in Navi Mumbai, affiliated with the esteemed Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. Throughout her undergraduate years, Rachita was honored with multiple scholarships in recognition of her outstanding academic achievements. Rachita immersed herself in clinical rotations, gaining valuable experience in managing a broad spectrum of post-operative and non-operative conditions across various hospitals and healthcare settings.

Rachita’s time in acute care, encompassing general medicine, orthopedics, intensive care, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurology units, significantly sharpened her skills in delivering comprehensive patient care. Rachita’s dedication to learning and her compassionate approach made her a valued member of healthcare teams during her clinical placements.

Post-graduation, Rachita transitioned seamlessly to an outpatient clinic, where she continued to contribute to patient well-being by treating individuals with diverse conditions. Her commitment to providing quality care remained steadfast, reflecting her genuine concern for the welfare of those she served. Inspired by her passion for sports-related physiotherapy, she sought to expand her knowledge. This drive led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Kinesiology at Dallas Baptist University, showcasing her commitment to furthering her expertise in these fields.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Rachita enjoys cultivating a rich and varied personal life. Her artistic inclinations shine through in her love for drawing and painting, demonstrating a vibrant and expressive side. She finds joy in exploring new places, savoring different cuisines, and cherishing the simple pleasures of dancing and singing. Rachita’s multifaceted interests contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling life outside the boundaries of her healthcare profession.


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