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Nicholas Konovalov, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist- DPT, PT


Nicholas earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University at Buffalo. During his studies, he assisted in research at the Center for Research and Education in Special Environments, with a focus on human performance in hot temperatures and high altitudes. He also contributed to research on patients with impaired visual and sensorimotor integration.

Nicholas has gained experience treating various patient populations ranging from athletes with sports-related and post-operative injuries to patients with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and cerebral palsy. During his clinical experience, he has also worked to improve health outcomes for people with chronic cardiopulmonary conditions and those who have undergone heart or lung surgeries. His primary focus has always been on approaching the psychological and social factors that contribute to a patient’s overall health.

In his spare time, Nicholas stays active through weight lifting, swimming, and running. As a former Division I swimmer, he spends time teaching children the fundamentals of swimming and exercise. He enjoys exploring NYC and trying out new activities!

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Find Nicholas at: Brooklyn - Park Slope, Spear Live
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