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Mary Frances earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from South College and her Bachelor of Science in Dance and Arts Management from Oklahoma City University. Her clinical experience includes orthopedics, performing arts rehabilitation, and neuro-rehabilitation.

During her time at Oklahoma City University, she performed both on and off stage with the American Spirit Dance Company. This experience provided her the understanding of what it takes to be a professional dancer and manager in the entertainment industry. Her goal is to educate instructors, managers, and performers on the demands of the dancer’s body and instill longevity into each individual’s professional career. Mary Frances aims to help every patient find that same joy in movement, while also assisting them to set up goals for a return to an active lifestyle.

In her free time, Mary Frances enjoys taking dance classes, seeing Broadway shows, and spending time outside with friends and family.

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Find Mary Frances at: Midtown - W 57th St, Spear Live
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