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Martin received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University and his Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University, majoring in Exercise Science: Applied Kinesiology. He grew up playing tennis since the age of 4, later competing at the national level before experiencing a career-ending lower back injury. His love for the game and ambition to optimize sports performance led him to become a personal trainer and tennis coach. After his first year of studying Biomedical Engineering, he quickly realized his passion for rehabilitative medicine and physical therapy. During his time at Columbia, Martin was very involved in research and teaching; he and a team of peers headed a project to research the effects of Strain Counterstrain on patients presenting with Lateral Epicondylitis. He was also a teacher’s assistant for the program’s Anatomy lab and Examination and Evaluation classes.

Martin’s clinical experiences allowed him to work with a vast variety of patient presentations. During his clinical experience at SPEAR’s Brooklyn Heights clinic, he was fortunate enough to work with many patients in need of postoperative therapy, helping them get back to performing their daily activities pain-free. He also worked with recreational athletes to return them back to their sports of choice. Martin completed his last clinical experience at Fischer Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was fortunate enough to have met and worked with many high school, collegiate, and professional level athletes of all trades.

During his free time, Martin enjoys spending time with his friends and family, playing tennis, weightlifting, playing piano and guitar, and is always looking for a new board game to play.

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Find Martin at: Long Island City – CityView, Spear Live
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