Luci graduated summa cum laude from Keene State College, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science. She then pursued her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, cementing her commitment to the field. 

A former dedicated ballet dancer, Luci trained extensively with professional and traveling companies, igniting her passion for movement and ultimately inspiring her career path into physical therapy.

During her academic journey, Luci’s interest in pelvic floor therapy was sparked, leading her to obtain certifications in Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Courses 1 and 2A while simultaneously completing her regular coursework. She further honed her skills through specialized training at The Elliot Hospital, where she had the opportunity to treat patients of all ages, gender identities, and with varying diagnoses, including leakage, pelvic pain, pediatric bladder control, endometriosis, and reconstructive bottom surgery.

Luci is a firm believer in making pelvic floor care accessible to everyone and strives to normalize conversations surrounding this vital aspect of healthcare. She prioritizes collaboration with each patient, tailoring therapy sessions to individual’s needs, preferences, and experiences to ensure effective and efficient care. Her catchphrase within the treatment room is “You’re the boss, applesauce,” emphasizing her dedication to autonomous, patient-centered care and empowering her patients in their treatment journey.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Luci embraces a laid-back and easygoing approach to life. She finds joy in appreciating life’s simple pleasures and creating cherished memories with loved ones. Whether it’s discovering a new restaurant with family, engaging in heartfelt conversations with friends, or exploring the city with her fiancé, Martin, Luci savors each moment. Additionally, she maintains an active lifestyle, enjoying workouts and basking in the warmth of the sun whenever possible.


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