Keena graduated from an esteemed university in the Philippines, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine. Initially, her goal was to enroll in med  school after graduating with her bachelor’s degree, but her cherished learnings and experiences while she was a student remarkably inspired her to stay on the path of furthering her career as a physical therapist. 

During her clinical rotations, Keena was assigned to many hospitals and clinics covering a wide  variety of disciplines such as Orthopedic, Sports, Neurologic, Cardiopulmonary, Geriatric, and  Pediatric Rehabilitation. Among these, she mostly developed a great passion for treating  orthopedic conditions, and rehabilitation through sports injury prevention. Throughout her years of  living in the Philippines, relocating to California, and then moving to New York, Keena has quite  successfully perpetuated her career in the outpatient orthopedic domain of physical therapy.  Apart from non-operative musculoskeletal conditions, she has extensive experience in treating  post-surgical fracture repairs, post-operative replacements of the hip and knee, arthroscopies/ arthroplasties of the shoulder, common sports injuries such as rotator cuff and ACL tears, and  even deconditioning prevention in the geriatric population. Keena firmly believes in establishing  measurable goals and rendering the highest quality of care during patient interaction. Aiding  individuals toward the restoration of their functional abilities gives her an incomparable sense of  fulfillment. 

Along with helping her patients through their rehabilitative journey, Keena enjoys traveling, film photography, and reading novels. You may also find her spending time at shooting ranges or  camping upstate when the weather is perfect. She continues to stay active through gentle yoga as well, but most of all, Keena is absolutely devoted to rock climbing, which she does very regularly!

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