Katie Reed is a physical therapist originally from Kansas City. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from The University of Kansas. 

Katie has 8 years of extensive clinical experience in orthopedics with a special interest in the spine and pelvic floor physical therapy. She has completed two levels of the Herman and Wallace pelvic floor training as well as additional training for reproductive wellness. Alongside her role as a physical therapist, Katie is an advanced level yoga teacher 500CYT. She has a holistic approach to physical rehabilitation by integrating concepts of yoga and mindfulness in order to address the mind-body connection and provide a comprehensive healing experience for her patients. 

Katie’s entry into the physical therapy profession occurred in an unconventional manner, as she initially pursued her studies as an artist with a background in dance and photography. When she began learning about planes of movement and anatomy, her interest was sparked in kinesiology and biomechanics. She is an avid traveler and in her spare time enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking and spending time in nature. 


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