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Julie obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree from Boston University. Prior to graduate school, Julie attended the University of Connecticut where she received her degree in Marketing. During her time completing her undergraduate studies, Julie participated in a wide variety of extracurricular activities including ice hockey, student government, and community outreach.  

While providing care at a nursing facility, Julie was able to create customized programs for patients returning home. During clinical rotations at a trauma center, Julie gained extensive knowledge in outpatient orthopedic, outpatient neurological and acute and complex cardiopulmonary clinical experiences. It was during her time here when Julie developed her passion and proficiency in treating patients with vestibular and neurological pathologies, including Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis. Since graduating, Julie has been focusing on creating functional treatment plans for patients to ensure patients return to the activities and things they love to do.  

During her free time, Julie has been able to focus on her passion of designing apparel for patients with various injuries and conditions to make it all-inclusive, functional, and fashionable. When she’s not on the go hiking, running and travelling, Julie enjoys painting and watching movies.  

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Find Julie at: Brooklyn Heights – St. George Hotel, Spear Live
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