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Christina obtained her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Dominican College, and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in in Biological Psychology from Pace University. Christina was born and raised in Staten Island, where she became a competitive athlete. She played basketball at Division 1 and Division 2 levels and solidified a spot on the USA women’s basketball team in Ireland. During her time as an athlete, Christina underwent two ACL surgeries which sparked her interest in the field of physical therapy. After fully recovering, she continued to compete in sports, both basketball and weightlifting.

Christina has extensive clinical expertise in treating patients with various conditions including sports-based injuries, neurological disorders, and post-operative procedures. She is certified in LSVT big treatment for Parkinson’s disease and has extensive experience working in Pediatrics and Vestibular rehabilitation. In addition, Christina is a Reiki practitioner and uses breathwork, yoga, meditation, and spiritual healing to enhance treatment sessions.

For fun, Christina spends time coaching basketball, working out, going bowling, hanging out with family or friends, and cooking new recipes. Things that excite her are new coffee shops and traveling to meet new people. Christina enjoys spending time with animals and appreciating the beauty of nature.


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