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Christina is the Clinical Director of Spear’s Brooklyn Heights clinic. Chris received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and graduated with honors from Columbia University. At Columbia, Chris completed the Advanced Track in Orthopedics and took specialized courses on sports rehabilitation and rehabilitation of the foot and ankle. Chris earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science from the University of Miami, where she also minored in Psychology and Public Health.

Chris has completed clinical affiliations throughout Manhattan in outpatient orthopedic, acute care, and outpatient hospital-based settings. She has experience at a level-I trauma center where she learned to manage patients with unique post-surgical and psychological conditions. Chris has worked with a diverse patient population, including geriatric and pediatric patients, and has treated a wide range of diagnoses of orthopedic, neurologic, and vestibular origins. She is dedicated to her patients’ success and understands the importance of providing each patient with a unique and individualized experience.

Chris’ passion for exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle stems from her family of distance runners and triathletes. Her family also owns a CrossFit gym where she learned the importance of proper exercise technique and injury prevention methods for the cross-training athlete. Chris’ favorite types of exercise are running, spinning, and CrossFit. Chris is a Certified Running Coach of the Pose Method from the Romanov Academy of Sports Science. The Pose Method uses a standardized definition of running and aims to prevent running-related injury and improve performance.

One of her other greatest passions is to travel. She lived in Sevilla, Spain for five months, during which time she had the opportunity to travel to 10 different countries and 20+ cities throughout Europe and Africa. Chris hopes to one day be able to combine her passions for travel, public health, and fitness and deliver physical therapy services to those in greatest need around the world.

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Find Christina at: Brooklyn Heights – St. George Hotel, Spear Live
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