Anushka Phadke obtained her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from KJ Somaiya College of Physiotherapy, Mumbai, India, laying the foundation for her career in healthcare. She pursued a master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science from the University of Tampa, USA, delving deeper into her fascination with human physiology and wellness.

To enhance her physical therapy skills, she took courses in functional kinesiology taping, dry needling, and neurodynamic testing. She believes that physical therapy treatment goes beyond exercise, emphasizing the importance of the patient’s overall well-being.

Her commitment to holistic well-being extends to her practice of yoga, pursuing advanced teacher training in this ancient discipline. Through yoga, she not only cultivates physical strength and flexibility but also nurtures her spiritual and emotional well-being. Her motivation stems from a desire for lifelong learning and personal development.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Anushka is also deeply rooted in the arts. With a degree in Indian classical dance, she has honed her skills in this traditional art form, finding joy and expression through movement and rhythm. Additionally, her background in professional badminton during high school speaks to her competitive spirit and dedication to physical fitness.

In her leisure time, she indulges in her love for cinema, enjoying movies that inspire, entertain, and provoke thoughts. She also finds pleasure in exploring cafes and is an avid explorer who relishes the opportunity to venture out and discover new places, embracing the richness of diverse cultures and environments.


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