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In Memory of Jimmy Olayos

Today marks three years since we lost our dear friend, Jimmy Olayos. From the day he started at Spear, he distinguished himself as a leader. A combination of thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and ambition made Jimmy well respected by anyone who knew him. Jimmy was a member of the SPEAR Future Leaders Program and a Spear regional director at just 31 years old. A rising star in his community as well, Jimmy worked nights and weekends teaching injury prevention to young athletes. He also teamed up with then Brooklyn Borough President (now Mayor of New York City) Eric Adams to help fight the opioid crisis in his community.

Linked at the bottom of this page is an article that Jimmy finished the week of his passing. It perfectly encapsulates his love for others and the thought and care he put into his practice.

You can read Jimmy’s article here.

The Jimmy Olayos Leadership Award

In honor of Jimmy’s life and legacy, The Jimmy Olayos Leadership Award was born. This achievement is awarded to individuals who not only lead, but coach, elevate, and inspire the people around them to believe in themselves.

The Jimmy Olayos Leadership Award is earned by a person who makes a lasting positive impact on the people around them. When thinking of this person, ask these questions:

  • Are they fully invested in the development of the people around them?
  • Do they always put the well-being of their team before their own?
  • Do they uplift their team members?
  • Have they made the road better for the people following them?

Below are the winners of The Jimmy Olayos Leadership Award:

  1. Lisa Yirce (2020)
  2. Lauren Carleton (2021)
  3. Patrick Watson (2022)
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