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The Embrace Your Core podcast series helps dedicated professionals realize that the answer to their daily stresses must start from within. And that the ability to heal, comfort, and strengthen each individual begins with the recognition in the unique power of self.

On this podcast, we share the viewpoints of experienced Physical Therapists and various professionals with expertise internalizing their talents when working with clients. We hope for you to gain a better understanding of how YOU TOO can constantly utilize self actualization and empowerment in your daily life. By listening, we can offer both insight and simple solutions which may lead you to realize that the answer to a potential problem is within YOUR REACH. Our priority is for you to internalize just how POWERFUL your first step is.

Embrace Your Core is brought to you by Spear Physical Therapy, recently named as the nation’s top Physical Therapy Practice by the American Physical Therapy Association. SPEAR PT exists to provide the discerning healthcare consumer with a distinctively personalized experience that achieves extraordinary results.

So join us and listen in on the amazing guests and advice we have in store. The guests are going to be ranging from high level doctors, personal coaches, motivational speakers, various professionals and the very esteemed staff at Spear Physical Therapy. If you have any speakers or thoughts you’d like to share with the show, don’t feel shy and drop us a line at Also don’t forget to follow us on all major social media platforms:  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. with the handle: @EmbraceYourCore. There we hope to update you about all the action and guests in store for the series. The podcast will soon be available on all podcast directories including Itunes. Video clips of the podcasts will also be available for you to really experience the show firsthand. So sit back, tune in and enjoy, but always remember, to truly succeed, you first look within & Embrace Your Core.

Hosted by: Jon Bernfeld

Embrace Your Core Ep 001: Dan Rootenberg


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